• 2024/02/09


    "FLEXY" Product name is changed to SakuLux!


    We are pleased to announce that we wll be changing the name of our stainless steel rope product, "FELEXY", to the new brand "SakuLux".

    The change in the name of the product is effective from 1st January 2024.

    If you have any questions, please contact us.

    We appreciate your understanding.

  • 2023/06/28

    COP Certificate Renewal

    OUR COP Certificate Renewed!


    Our COP (Code of Practice) Certification of RJC which we were certified in April 2020 was renewed.

    This is a landmark standard for the Jewellery supply chain and addresses a wide range of supply chain issues,

    including business ethics, human rights, social and environmental performance.

    It is an honor and we will keep carrying out our work with responsibility.


    RJC Certificate COP.pdf

  • 2022/09/21

    Ag 235B5S-WE RA

    <New Item 2022> Ag 235B5S-WE RA



    Silver made cable chain.

    Other types of cable chains are also availble!


    • ・Item name
    •  Ag 235B5S-WE RA 
    • ・Item code
    •  11130062902


    ・Appx. Size

     Wire diameter: 0.35mm

     Chain width: 2.35mm


    Please feel free to contact us with any questions☺

  • 2022/08/26

    Silver Designed Plates

    <New Item 2022> Silver Designed Plates 


    Silver Designed Plates


    ・Item name 

    ① Ag PL-117 RA  #160193500


    ② Ag PL-118 RA  #160193600


    ③ Ag PL-119 RA  #160193700


    ④ Ag PL-120 RA  #160193800


    Looks CUTE and UNIQUE✨

    If you are interested in trying different types of plate, we highly recommend our new items!

    For more details: Products - NAKAGAWA CORPORATION